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If you rely on Basecamp for project management and customer communication, start increasing your productivity by carrying your projects with you at all times - right on your smartphone - using TrailGuide from Carry The Day.

The optimized mobile client for web-based project management.

Optimized Mobile Application

With TrailGuide, the Basecamp experience has been adapted for efficiency on the phone so you can see more of the most important things on screen quickly and easily. Switching between projects takes seconds with just a few button presses and the whole application takes advantage of touch screens, scroll wheels, 5-way controls, back buttons and keyboards for navigation and data entry.

View and Edit

When you need to see what’s fresh, check your projects to see if there’s new activity. TrailGuide will post any pending changes you have made on the phone and show you if any projects have been updated. Just select the project to download the latest activity and begin working with it immediately.

Stored Locally

Having your project information stored locally on your phone does more than just give you access when you’re offline. It provides instant visibility to Messages, Comments, Milestones and To-Do lists. Using TrailGuide, there’s no waiting for pages to load in a mobile browser or scrolling through layouts that are designed for the desktop.

Safe and Secure

TrailGuide uses industry standard SSL to connect to Basecamp (the same level of security that online banks use), so your passwords and data are safe when downloaded to your phone. And even though TrailGuide uses a server to communicate efficiently between your phone and your Basecamp data, nothing is stored permanently on the server.

"I must say this is a really fantastic set of products. Great simplicity and great execution." - Scotty P.
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TrailGuide was formerly known as TrailBlazer during its beta testing period.

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